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Reimagining the Role of Technology in Higher Education

Prepared for instructors, administrators, policymakers, educational technology developers,
funders, employers, and learners, the supplement articulates a vision and action plan that responds to an urgent national priority—postsecondary success for all Americans.

K-12 Digital Infrastructure Brief: Privacy Enhancing, Interoperable, and Useful

Education’s digital infrastructure is officially considered critical infrastructure, and just as we
work to provide physical infrastructure that is safe, healthy, and supportive for all students, we
need to align resources to create digital infrastructure that is safe, accessible, resilient, sustainable, and future-proof.

K-12 Digital Infrastructure Brief: Adequate and Future Proof

America has made incredible progress in closing the digital access divide,2 providing an evergreater proportion of students with access to broadband connectivity, devices, and digital
resources. At the same time, we must acknowledge the last frontiers of connectivity can also present the most wicked problems of closing that divide. T

AI Governance, Ethics and Regulation

A collaborative multi-stakeholder approach is required to maximize AI’s benefits while minimizing potential harms. Governments, regulators and industry each have critical roles to play in developing frameworks for trustworthy and ethical AI. The recommendations provided give a starting point for the work ahead. Through proactive efforts and open dialogue, we can build an AI future that reflects our shared human values.