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When you contribute to the St. Acutis Scholarship at The Research University, you become a nexus for the advancement of humankind. Driven by the conviction that problem-solving is the most exciting and challenging part of life, your gift fosters an environment where dreams are nurtured driving positive change in the world. Our unwavering belief is that every problem has a solution and every dream is within reach. You can make your gift through Stripe or paypal and/or make you pledge here!

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Sending your Check by Mail

Invest in the dreams and aspirations of individuals driving research through our institutional and organizational alliances through your contribution. Checks should be made out to “The Board of Trustees of KIEDC” or “The Research University.” Please include a note telling us how you’d like your gift to be used and mail it to:  The Research University Endowment Fund,  P O Box 19492, Stanford, CA 94309

Send us a message to register your tax-deductible mail-in contribution here.

Planned Giving Contribution

Saint Carlos Acutis Endowment Fund

Planned Giving involves providing a future contribution to TRUE Fund through your financial and estate plans. The St. Acutis Scholarship at the Research University Endowment (TRUE) fund welcomes gifts made through different planned giving arrangements including but not limited to Bequests and estate plan gifts, life income gifts, donor-advised funds, charitable lead annuity trusts, and assets to give. If you let The Research University Endowment team know about your intended bequest or other planned gift, we will be able to thank you and recognize you as an originating member of our TRUE Moonshot Founders Circle. 

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Thank you for your interest in supporting The Research University with a gift of stock or other securities.

Give securities from your brokerage account

To transfer securities from your brokerage account to the university electronically:

  1. Please complete the Securities Transfer Request form and send it to your broker or financial adviser.

  2. Please also send a copy of the completed form to our Gift Securities at or mail it to this address:

Research University Gift Securities
P.O. Box 19492
Stanford, CA 94309

Contribute through your Donor Advised Fund

At Research University,

Consider establishing a donor-advised fund at The Research University (TRU)  Saint Acutis Fund to align with your philanthropic aspirations. This fund offers the versatility of a private foundation along with the tax benefits of a public charity. By creating a donor-advised fund with Saint Acutis at TRU, your contribution will be managed by a capable investment team while you deliberate on the fund’s intended beneficiaries.

Here’s how it operates: Begin by making a tax-deductible donation of $1 million or more towards the Saint Acutis Endowment, forming a donor-advised fund. You can then provide instructions on how you wish TRU to allocate the gift at a later time. Your donation can comprise cash, securities, or more intricate assets. While you contemplate the focus of your donor-advised fund, it can be invested in the Saint Acutis Scholarship. Generally, fifty percent of your donation must be allocated to TRU, while the remaining half can support other charitable causes. This affords you the opportunity to suggest distributions to TRU or other eligible charities. Furthermore, a donor-advised fund allows you to perpetuate your family’s philanthropic efforts into subsequent generations. It can be established through a bequest, naming your descendants or other individuals as fund advisors. To learn more about establishing a donor-advised fund at The Research University, please contact us below. We would be happy to provide you with information about how a donor-advised fund would work for you based on your circumstances.

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