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Course Overview

Learning, Design and Technology (LDT) Micro-Credential at NUST

Extended Reality (XR) technologies such as iStudyXR and JournalXR deployed in future of learning and future of work contexts have expanded our understanding of what a 21st-century teacher  ought to be. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for all schools to have a virtual presence and redefined the role of teacher from being a neutral scientific observer of the social world, rather than a morally engaged shaper of the modern world. In this course, participants ought to see themselves as being developed into technology leaders in their communities. The LDT series is essentially about training technology leaders at the future of learning institute to understand that technology (like iStudyXR) is a neutral thing and when deployed by inventors it can advance entire continents. Participants will discuss how technology is always deployed by humans in a social context, in an institutional setting, in some dynamics of power and in some economic context and declare missions that will advance the potential of their community. The LTD micro-credential is the NUST Innovation Hub’s pilot to go beyond the “techie-fuzzy” divide teachers face to being XR technology leaders. Participants will discover that technology does not have a life of its own and explore how the demand of human work, human labour and human ingenuity may be radically diminished and articulate how the teaching profession could asher in a golden age because of the decisions participants make and the institutions they will build. Because all technology is produced by humans with incentives or trying to solve problems, iHub participants will experience that it takes insight and human ingenuity to design iStudyXR, deploy the technology, mass produce or scale this technology and use the technology to design their own courses. Participants will discover for themselves that iStudyXR on its own gives rise to new technologies, because a new technology like iStudyXR makes other technologies accessible to parents, teachers, learners and administrators— technologies that weren’t accessible prior to this course. Therefore, iStudyXR creates a possibility. But it is up to participants whether they realize it, what they do with it, how they “tame” it. New questions will arise and be discussed in the course mural. This new technology will become a whole new realm of questions! IStudyXR is also a challenge for human imagination: imagining how the virtual learning world might be, imagining how we organize our lives, imagining how we can organize production of original research from the onset. Technology is a constraint and an enabler. Technology is both a constraint and a possibility. Participants will publish in the Science, Technology and Education Journal as a capstone for Level 1 Certification. Constraint and possibility: you can’t do it without countering these two poles. Possibilities are the things participants may exploit, and these will open up new spaces to explore and suggestions to improve the platform collectively. But, there are things that participants must take into account too as they take on their new identity as Technology Leaders or Edunnovators.

iStudyXR online teaching for Professors

This course is offered through the Faculty of Science Technology and Education and is the first in a series towards a Micro-Credential in Learning, Design and Technology (LDT) at the National University of Science and Technology innovation Hub (NUST iHub). The Future Learning Project is a student selected mission to further develop and apply their learning through this course. Through a learner-centered design process, students identify learning problems and apply appropriate research findings to create future ready learning experiences in a variety of learning environments in the iStudyXR Learning Platform.

Some Questions and Thoughts from Creators of this Course. See you in iStudyXR!


 Social scientists (Teachers) for the most part think of themselves as neutral scientific observersof the social world, rather than morallyengaged shapersof the modern world. The people who know how to drive technology are the engineers themselves, but then there are also the moversand shakers of the economy, the government agencies, the venture capitalists, the CEOs,etc.

“Social conflicts within states are sometimes driven by technology. Because one of the current ways of distributing costs and benefits of technology to mainly a globalised elite and upper middleclass, the majority of people are left behind and displaced. As they look around, they see these oppressive and discriminating systems partly created by technology. That is becoming a major source of instability.” Ken Taylor, Stanford University

If the selfdriving car happens for real, there will be no more demand for truck drivers with a highschool education. What do we do? Do we kill the selfdriving car, that can be useful for many other things and save a lot of lives? Or do we “kill” the jobs and incomes of all these truck drivers? I don’t think there is an easy answer, I don’t think there’s a formula. Do we stop the technology? I think that’s wrong. But do we just bow to the technology? Do we let some corporation use this new product to increase their profits and treat truck drivers like a disposable commodity?Go find another job, we don’t care. That’s serving the capitalist class.

When Educators carry out fundamental research, they are de facto designing a space of possibilities. But then we need a way to decide what is the best useof the invention for the purposes of human life. Ideally, this decision should be taken collectively.


The NUST Learning, Design & Technology (LDT) Micro-Credential prepares professionals to design and evaluate educationally informed and empirically grounded learning environments, products, and programs that effectively employ emergent technologies in a variety of settings. Some questions to explore include, “How does human cognition work? How do people interact with machines? If they were more interested in in the people side of it, how does the user use this interface?” 

Program Benefits

  • Flexibility for industry professionals looking to develop new skills

  • Course curriculum taught and designed by industry professionals

  • Teaching process is up to date on the current industry

  • Approved for second career candidates with experience

  • Manage work, family and study in a flexible schedule

  • Expand your career possibilities by learning new skills

  • Finance your education as you study

  • Bring your ideas to life and earn a Micro-Credential at a leading innovative University.

Syllabus & Curriculum

Moonshot Certified Educator –  iStudyXR Level 1
  • Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership
  • Increase Efficiency and Save Time
  • Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity
  • By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to prove your knowledge and join the ranks of Moonshot Certified Educators around the globe and become eligible for the iStudyXR Level 2 Moonshot Certified Trainer at the National University of Science and Technology iHub.
Moonshot Certified Trainer- iStudyXR Level 2
  • Stand out as a leader and expand your impact
  • Grow your skills as a trainer and coach
  • Collaborate with a community of trainers
  • Access powerful training resources from InventXR- NUST iHub Future Learning Institute and become eligible to earn the NUST iHub Micro-Credential in Learning, Design and Technology
  • Earn iStudyXR Level 2 Certification to be able to train iStudyXR Level 1 and Level 2 Moonshot Educator Certification.
Certified Innovator Program
  • The NUST iHub iStudyXR Certified Innovator Program recognizes and supports top educators who are using XR technology to solve meaningful challenges in education
  • The Program kicks off with a three-day Innovation Institute focused on helping new participants define, design and eventually launch a transformative mission/project. After the Institute, Innovators stay engaged through mentorship, ongoing learning and development trainings, and special opportunities from the InventXR-NUST iHub to advocate for transformative technologies and practices.
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