The Research University: Learning in Reel Time Empowering Young Athletes and Actors

Chase W. Dillon

Invest in Humankind

The Research University is a Nexus for the Advancement of Humankind. The Research University is Purposeful and students participate in authentic learning experiences on missions that matter to them. I am raising funds for Specialty Children’s Teaching Hospitals as part of my Research University experience.

Chase W. Dillon, Humanitarian,Full time Actor and Student at Research University at Stanford
Chase W. Dillon gives a keynote at the 2023 ASU GSV Summit on Reimagining Education for Actors and Athletes

The Spark: The Research University is a Moonshots at Stanford University innovation conceptualized twenty years ago in the Foresight and Innovation course memorialized at

Envision a world where the shackles of circumstance fall away, where the soaring spirit of human potential knows no bounds. In this realm of boundless dreams and unrestrained aspirations, we stand as guardians of a remarkable vision. It’s a vision woven with the indomitable threads of time, a tapestry woven by the hearts and souls of two extraordinary mothers who dared to shape destinies.

Picture Dr. Metashar Bankhead Dillon, an African American mother whose legacy reverberates through the corridors of time. Over three decades ago, she kindled the flame of change, giving birth to Kingdom International Economic Development Corporation (KIEDC). This noble nonprofit has been a steadfast force, a guiding star steering future tides and weaving the fabric of fortune for women, youth, and families worldwide through economic development and education.

And then, there is the luminous figure of Mrs. Jane Stanford, a beacon of foresight and innovation. In the wake of unimaginable loss, she breathed life into the Leland Stanford Junior University, a sanctuary of knowledge and enlightenment in 1891. Her founding decree resonates with unwavering clarity: “A University for both sexes.” For more than thirty years, KIEDC and Stanford University have stood as towering monuments to human potential and the profound impact of compassion to alleviate poverty and inspire creativity in youth. Now, imagine the convergence of these two extraordinary legacies, the fusion of dreams across time and space. Chase W. Dillon, a modern-day advocate of change, steps onto the stage with a resounding purpose as CEO of KIEDC. In honor of Leland Stanford Junior, whose journey was cut short by polio, Chase echoes the heartbeat of compassion. His vision ignites the path towards a future adorned with specialty children’s hospitals, beacons of healing and hope. But this endeavor transcends mere aspirations; it demands the reimagining of a Research University as integral in the healing arts.

Embark on a journey of transformation with the 13 year old CEO of Kingdom International Economic Development Corporation and the star of Disney’s Haunted Mansion, Amazon’s Underground Railroad (Pulitzer Prize Winner), Netflix’s The Harder They Fall amongst others. The story of The Research University, born out of Stanford University’s Moonshots twenty years ago is indeed one of boundless hope, unwavering dedication, and the unbreakable spirit of human potential. Stanford University Moonshots alumni took the institution beyond academia, to the markets, countries, opportunities, and new generations such as Chase Dillon’s are now taking on the challenge to make the world better than it is today. The Research University revolutionizes how students imagine and build the long-range future…the big ideas and solutions that change the world.

This is more than a mere organization; it’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. It’s a labor of love, a force of change that relentlessly pursues the advancement of humankind. It’s impact spans continents, its impact is felt in the lives it touches, in the dreams it fuels in young people. The Research University is a vessel of knowledge, a crucible of innovation for individuals, institutions, institutes, and investors internationally. It is here where dreams take shape, where ideas are nurtured, and where the blueprint for a brighter future is crafted. It is here where we perform in the game of life, in reel time. We are not just spectators in the game of making a difference. We are players on the court and decisions are made in real time. We invite you to invest in our endowment fund to ensure every child has access to the Research University.

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