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Shifting Dynamics in AI: Altman’s Departure and the Future of OpenAI and Generative Technology

Sam Altman, former head of Y Combinator and a notable figure in the entrepreneurial and investment sphere, has been a prominent advocate for generative AI. His world tour this year placed him at the forefront of this technological wave. After OpenAI’s recent announcement, Altman reflected on his impactful tenure at the company through a post on a social platform, expressing gratitude for his experiences and hinting at future endeavors.

AI Governance, Ethics and Regulation

A collaborative multi-stakeholder approach is required to maximize AI’s benefits while minimizing potential harms. Governments, regulators and industry each have critical roles to play in developing frameworks for trustworthy and ethical AI. The recommendations provided give a starting point for the work ahead. Through proactive efforts and open dialogue, we can build an AI future that reflects our shared human values.

RU Linkedin AI?

Ethan Mollick is a professor at The Wharton School

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Press Release: Introducing the AI Institute for Artificial and Natural Intelligence (ARNI)

Collaboratively, Columbia University partners with Tuskegee University, City University of New York, Baylor College of Medicine, UT Health Houston, Mila QC, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, and Princeton. Industry leaders such as Google, Deepmind, Amazon, and Meta join forces with ARNI to realize its ambitious vision.