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Advancing Digital Equity for All:

As we recover from the pandemic, educators are increasingly leveraging the breadth of active and innovative
learning opportunities made possible through technology. In addition, schools are accelerating the
implementation of whole learner approaches with technology, including connections to social and emotional supports, parent-educator engagement opportunities, tele-health and tele-mental health, and basic needs services. For such opportunities to become equitably and sustainably available at scale, we must do more to ensure all learners, families/caregivers, and communities have access to technology and the opportunities that it unlocks.

GPT-4 AI Assistance in Legal Analysis: An Empirical Study

Can artificial intelligence (AI) augment human legal reasoning?
To find out, we designed a novel experiment administering law school
exams to students with and without access to GPT-4, the best-performing
AI model currently available. We found that assistance from GPT-4
significantly enhanced performance on simple multiple-choice questions
but not on complex essay questions.

RU Linkedin AI?

Ethan Mollick is a professor at The Wharton School